KStone – the Art of Stones

Kstone quartz products are crafted by a highly skilled team of designers and fabricators who put their time and effort into perfecting each component.

It begins with choosing and mixing the raw materials (quartz, pigments, resins) and then molding and compressing them into slabs.

Once compressed, the slabs are cured at 90°C to get their final strength, then polished to perfection. They are rigorously tested to make sure they reached our high standard of quality.

All KStone quartz surfaces have the highest concentration of natural quartz (93%), offering all the products manufactured from it life-long scratch and stain resistance, as well as stunning looks.

KStone delivers various types of quartz-based materials and the clients can choose the color and thickness needed to create the products they dream of. The surfaces are non-porous, which means they are safe to use in hygienic environments, such as healthcare facilities and food laboratories. 

From countertops to backsplashes, kitchens to baths, cozy homes to grand commercial venues, fabricators to retailers—KSTONE is a natural choice.

You can check out the most popular designs below or view the entire collection for more selections. https://kstonequartz.com/