Accidents & Warranty


Incidental damage

Final wall preparation (i.e. painting, wallpapering, etc. should ALWAYS be completed AFTER installation, if at all possible. Care will be exercised during the countertop installation. However, scrapes, punctures or dents to near surfaces are possible in the work area (i.e. installing a piece between two walls). These items are considered normal installation damage and are the customer’s responsibility to repair minor incidents. For any damages deemed more important (i.e.: a piece being dropped on the floor), De Gante Stoneworks will be responsible and will cover charges related to the repair of such damages.



All granite countertops come with a (1) year installation warranty. The warranty covers the seam(s) performance and the sink installation only. Chips that occur after the installation are not covered. This guarantee does not include bad use or abuse of the countertop such as thermal shocks and/ or chips/fragments done to the surface and/ or counter edges.